Saving Money

Cheap Unique Gift Idea

Cheap Unique Gift Idea

Need a cheap and unique gift idea? With a few items you will be able to create … [Read More...]

Healthy Food Choices

Drink More Water

4 Tips to Help You Drink More Water

Drink more water rather than soda, kool-aid and other sugary drinks! Sounds easy but some people … [Read More...]

Best Healthy Snack

Q:What is the Best Healthy Snack?

Q: What is the best healthy snack? A: Almonds Q: Why are almonds the best healthy snack? A: … [Read More...]

Beef Jerky

Make your own beef Jerky

  Beef jerky is a great snack to choose when making better food choices. It has a lot of … [Read More...]

Getting Organized

pop tab hanger connecter

Create More Closet Space

{PHOTO CREDIT} Need to create more closet space? Here is an easy was to do it without buying … [Read More...]


Help your Cord Clutter

{Photo Credit}  Found these ideas over at this site. - Use tags to label cords. - Use binder … [Read More...]

tissue box

3 Recyclable Items to Organize your Office

{Photo Credit} If you organize your office with recyclable items that means it's free! Win win … [Read More...]

Community Service


Free Fundraiser For NonProfits

There are a lot of nonprofts that do great things for many people. But with that they must host … [Read More...]

Make Bread for your Neighbor

Find Out “Who is my neighbor?”- Bake Them Bread

Wondering to yourself, "Who is my neighbor?" Wonder no more. Bake them a loaf of bread, bring it … [Read More...]

Running Benefits

Running Benefits

There are many running benefits that you can find to participate in. There are some that include a … [Read More...]