3 Easy Healthy Food Alternatives

Healthy food alternatives are easy to do. It comes down to more of habit and changing our taste buds. These 3 healthy food alternatives are great ways to start making healthier eating choices. They do not change the actual end product, but changes one part within the meal. Small simple changes over time end up making a huge difference!

Greek Yogart

Any recipe that calls for sour cream or mayo can be substituted with Greek yogurt. Try a few small cups of different brands to find one that you like the best. We love Chobani! Find a coupon for it here. At first I would only put it in things, but now I eat it for a snack by itself.


Trade in your salt for herbs! Try things like garlic, onion powder, oregano, pepper, sage, cinnamon, etc. We use a lot of Mrs. Dash seasonings as she has already done all the work to figure out the perfect combinations and contains no salt.

Almond Butter

Swap your peanut butter for almond butter. People believe peanuts are nuts and assume they are pretty good for you. They are actually legumes. Almonds provide higher nutrition value than peanuts do. Now I love my peanut butter so I know this one might be hard, but give it a try! It is worth the change!

Leave a comment below telling us how it went if you have already made one of these healthy food alternatives!

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