Save Money on Stamps


Ok, let’s face it there is not really a way to save money on stamps themselves seeing how you can’t get them on sale. But I do have two other thoughts on how to save on stamps!

1) Send postcards

That brings postage from 45 cents for a regular card down to 32 cents. I send an average of 8-10 cards out each month plus about 30 Christmas cards. That in itself saves me $19.50 not to mention the savings in buying postcards instead of cards.

2) Stamps by mail

USPS is now offering “stamps by mail”. This means you send in an order form with a check or money order and they deliver your stamps. This is done all by mail, but no postage is required!  When you get your stamps it has another order form for next time. This service is offered without any extra charge! I know this saves me a ton of time not having to wait at line in the post office. But also you are saving gas money with one less stop to make on errand day!

Have you used “stamps by mail”? Tell us how you liked it below.

Give Books to Children by Reading Free Online Books!

You can give books to children by reading free online books! It is that simple! Head over to and sign up to start reading. You can fill out a short form or log in using Facebook. Then, you will have access to great books like: Skippyjon Jones, Max and Ruby, and Llama Llama.

Partners team up with the organization to allow books to be sent for certain causes each time someone reads online. Throughout the year there are different causes that the books go towards. Right now the cause is Hurricane Sandy Relief helps schools and children recover from the disaster.

Check out this organization and if you like them make sure you share on Facebook or Twitter  about their work so we can give more books to children by reading free online books! Who would have thought you can help others simply by doing something you already do: reading a book to your class or to your child!

3 Easy Healthy Food Alternatives

Healthy food alternatives are easy to do. It comes down to more of habit and changing our taste buds. These 3 healthy food alternatives are great ways to start making healthier eating choices. They do not change the actual end product, but changes one part within the meal. Small simple changes over time end up making a huge difference!

Greek Yogart

Any recipe that calls for sour cream or mayo can be substituted with Greek yogurt. Try a few small cups of different brands to find one that you like the best. We love Chobani! Find a coupon for it here. At first I would only put it in things, but now I eat it for a snack by itself.


Trade in your salt for herbs! Try things like garlic, onion powder, oregano, pepper, sage, cinnamon, etc. We use a lot of Mrs. Dash seasonings as she has already done all the work to figure out the perfect combinations and contains no salt.

Almond Butter

Swap your peanut butter for almond butter. People believe peanuts are nuts and assume they are pretty good for you. They are actually legumes. Almonds provide higher nutrition value than peanuts do. Now I love my peanut butter so I know this one might be hard, but give it a try! It is worth the change!

Leave a comment below telling us how it went if you have already made one of these healthy food alternatives!

Thanksgiving Food Idea

Need a Thanksgiving food idea to bring to the family get together? Ditch the dessert or rolls. Bring something healthy! This turkey vegetable tray will surely turn heads and hopefully get some people to try some healthy food too!

My family loved it this year!

You could also use radish or broccoli in place of the olives, tomatoes or cucumbers.

Sadly, I didn’t have a square platter so I had to use a cookie sheet. Found an awesome platter on Amazon for next time though!

3 Easy Meal Planning Tips to Save Money

Meal planning to save money is an easy and effective. Take time each week to meal plan and create your grocery list and you will start to see the savings!

Here are a few tips for you to keep in mind:

Plan for as many meals as you will need for the week until you go back to the store. This will save you time and gas from eliminating several trips to the store each week.

Write the meals down so throughout the week you remember the meal plan. This will help you stick to the plan. Otherwise you may forget what meals you planned for and use items needed for other meals.

As you write your grocery list group like items together. This allows efficient shopping, but also keeps you out of aisles you don’t need to be in which prevents you from randomly adding stuff to your cart.

Share your meal planning tips that help you money below!

3 Recyclable Items to Organize your Office

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If you organize your office with recyclable items that means it’s free! Win win situation! Free and organized!

1) Cookie/cracker sleeves: Organize small things in desk drawers.

2) Yogurt, sour cream, cottage cheese containers: Good for tall supplies such as pens, pencils or paint brushes. Put decorative paper around them if the labels doesn’t come off. Or think glass jars!

3) Cute tissue boxes: Easy way to store and stack things.