Create More Closet Space


Need to create more closet space? Here is an easy was to do it without buying organizers or redoing your whole closet!

Get some pop bottle tabs and place them on the hangers like in the picture above.

Now you have more space! Easy as that- Now you have more closet space!

Help your Cord Clutter

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Found these ideas over at this site.

- Use tags to label cords.

- Use binder clips to keep cords at reach.

- Use toilet paper roles in box to keep unused cords untangled.

Genius ideas!

3 Recyclable Items to Organize your Office

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If you organize your office with recyclable items that means it’s free! Win win situation! Free and organized!

1) Cookie/cracker sleeves: Organize small things in desk drawers.

2) Yogurt, sour cream, cottage cheese containers: Good for tall supplies such as pens, pencils or paint brushes. Put decorative paper around them if the labels doesn’t come off. Or think glass jars!

3) Cute tissue boxes: Easy way to store and stack things.