Q:What is the Best Healthy Snack?

Q: What is the best healthy snack?

A: Almonds

Q: Why are almonds the best healthy snack?

A: They have no cholesterol. They are a good source of fiber and protein. They contain vitamins. And they have no artificial ingredients (when you get the whole natural)!

Q: Yes, but aren’t they expensive?

A: A 2 pound bag of Blue Diamond Whole Natural Almonds will cost you $9.97 at Walmart. Divide that cost by the 32 servings that are in the bag and that comes out to 32 cents a snack!

Q: But will one serving really feel me up?

A: Seeing how almonds have so much protein for most people it does. Just for fun say you eat 2 servings so now your snack is 64 cents. 64 cents is still cheaper than the vending machine snack or something off a dollar menu!

There you have it! Almonds are the best healthy snack!

Tell us below if you eat almonds for a snack. If so what is your favorite brand or flavor?

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