Hello, My name is Cassie Celestain, the creator of Living Better Daily. I am a wife, a teacher to 25 five year olds, and a runner. I was tired of living day to day wondering if I was making a difference, searching for ways to improve myself, and asking myself “In ten years will I be proud of what I have done in this world?” Asking myself those questions at the end of each day was exhausting! Yes, I worked hard at my marriage, my job and my running, but I wanted to do more! I wanted to be more! I know that I could not totally revamp myself or my part of the world in one day, one month or even one year. But I do know that with small changes over a lifetime I can make my life and my community better. That was the start of Living Better Daily!

Living Better Daily is meant to be a resource for those wanting to live each day better than the last so that they may make a difference in their own lives while making a difference in their small corner of the world. Living Better Daily focuses on four areas: Healthy Food Choices, Saving Money, Getting Organized and Community Service. I believe these four areas are all intertwined and work together. Check out which ever topics you are interested in! Each category will give you great ideas and new concepts that will aid you in living better daily- starting today!