4 Tips to Help You Drink More Water

Drink more water rather than soda, kool-aid and other sugary drinks! Sounds easy but some people find it hard to remember to drink water.

Here are 4 tips to help you remember to drink more water:

Carry a water bottle with you. It serves as a great reminder and if nothing else you will drink the water to make your load lighter! We have at least 5 Polar insulated water bottles (see below) between the two of us. I love my water cold!

Set an alarm. You can wear a watch that beeps hourly or set a reminder on your phone or computer. When it goes of drink a certain predesignated amount.

Drink a glass at meal time. At each meal drink a certain amount of water before any other beverage choice. My grandmother use to do this with orange juice at breakfast. Had to drink it to get your vitamin c. Same concept. Do it with water.

Got to use the restroom? This should serve as a good reminder! Drink a swig or two of water after each time you use the restroom.

These 4 tips will help remind you to drink more water until it becomes a habit!

Tell us how you remember to drink water in the comment box below.