Save Money on Stamps


Ok, let’s face it there is not really a way to save money on stamps themselves seeing how you can’t get them on sale. But I do have two other thoughts on how to save on stamps!

1) Send postcards

That brings postage from 45 cents for a regular card down to 32 cents. I send an average of 8-10 cards out each month plus about 30 Christmas cards. That in itself saves me $19.50 not to mention the savings in buying postcards instead of cards.

2) Stamps by mail

USPS is now offering “stamps by mail”. This means you send in an order form with a check or money order and they deliver your stamps. This is done all by mail, but no postage is required!  When you get your stamps it has another order form for next time. This service is offered without any extra charge! I know this saves me a ton of time not having to wait at line in the post office. But also you are saving gas money with one less stop to make on errand day!

Have you used “stamps by mail”? Tell us how you liked it below.